Conflict is inevitable. Resolution is possible. Empowered Pathways has a variety of trainings in conflict resolution, communication, soft skills, leadership, cultural competency, pro-social skills, and related topics that anyone can benefit from! These are skills that can be applied at work, at school, at worship, at home, or with people on the street.

Some of these trainings are offered periodically at the Empowered Pathways offices with open registration, but you don't have to wait! Clubs, civic groups, and other organizations can book these trainings for their members, offer them to the community, or even use them as the basis of a fundraiser. 


Especially for WomenThe Women's Employment and Resource Center is a core part of Empowered Pathways. WERC is a collection of programs designed to deliver exceptional, personalized training to help women identify and achieve their employment goals. Our vision is to have all women in need of work employed in a career which gives them satisfaction and respect. 

Any time we have accomplished a goal or experienced significant success in life, there have been many dedicated people who have recognized our potential and supported us as we dared to dream a bigger, better dream. For many local women who do not have this close-knit pool of advocates, WERC is that unwavering and essential support system.

WERC is the first step in the long, arduous journey to lasting change. Why? Because when a woman seeks assistance through WERC, they are no longer alone. We become their coach, helping them navigate and eliminate obstacles. We are their teachers, instilling confidence and providing a myriad of essential skills. We are their cheerleaders, rooting them on as they successfully chart a course from modest goals to big dreams.

Conflict is a constant and natural part of our lives. How we choose to handle that conflict makes a difference. Our training and educational services have been developed over time to incorporate the latest theoretical and practical applications in Conflict Resolution. The instructors are also practitioners, certified under the New York State Unified Court System's guidelines to mediate and arbitrate disputes. Our instructors have been trained and certified by organizations including the New York State Dispute Resolution Association, the Mediation Training Institute, Conflict Coaching Matters,  the Institute for Restorative Initiatives, and the International Institute for Restorative Practices. This combination of conceptual background and practical experience offers the widest possible range of ideas and techniques.

Each and every program uses state-of-the-art multimedia presentations and can be designed to use a combination of Lecture, Interactive Activities, Group Discussion, and Role Play to ensure that your objectives are met with the most power and impact.

Your organization can realize substantial savings by reducing the cost of conflict. We work hard to keep your costs low and your return on investment high. Whether you're looking to train your workforce, challenge a youth group, strategically plan with your board, or listen to your community's voices in a town hall setting, we can deliver the results you need at a cost you can afford.

Schools, and the youth that they serve, have unique challenges and opportunities. Empowered Pathways seeks to ensure that these are at the core of the services that we offer to these communities, making the greatest positive impact that we can while respecting what makes these organizations special. Over time, schools have evolved to be much more than just educational institutions. They also form the center of families' social, intellectual, and moral lives, providing a support system that touches every part of a community. 

The Peacemaker Program at Empowered Pathways is chartered by the University of the State of New York, and its trainers have long experience building programs that deliver real, applicable skills that can be put into action! Our facilitators have worked as part of after-school programs, during in-service days, and integrated into a regular school curriculum. Trainings for schools are carefully designed to be fun, interesting, engaging, and affordable, with special pricing that fits limited budgets.

Empowered Pathways trainers and facilitators are also practicing neutrals, providing mediation, arbitration, and other services for the populations we serve. This gives us the ability to build and share trainings that share the skills that we are building and using every day with other practitioners, professional and volunteer alike!

Some of these trainings focus on a specific, narrow area of practice, while others build skills that  apply to any style, orientation, or service you can think of. Famously, our workshops are interactive, interesting, engaging, informative, and give you skills that you can begin to apply the day you learn them. We make an effort to engage every learning style, and to ensure that our materials are high-quality and can serve as a useful reference long after the training is over.

If you're looking for high-quality trainers that speak your language, understand your practice, and will ensure that you have fun while you learn something, you're looking for Empowered Pathways!

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