Empowered Pathways is here to help you understand the importance of each step in achieving your employment goals. They are not pipedreams! Your goals are what keep you heading in the right direction to confidently overcome challenges and become financially independent once and for all.

Landing your dream job is not just a matter of searching for job openings; you need to prepare. The way you explain and organize your experience in a resume, introduce yourself in a cover letter, and handle an interview can mean the difference between landing that dream job and losing it to another candidate. These are some of the most important points that our experienced Women's Employment and Resource Center staff will review with you as you start down your path to a better future. Even better, our staff has decades of experience working with women, and understand the unique challenges (and strengths) that define your journey to independence!

Teamwork, Planning and Organization, Blame and Responsibility, Problem Solving; these are just a few of the topics companies, schools and organizations would like to provide training on.  However, as soon as you mention it, your employees or students let out the collective groan.

Instead, what if there was a fun and unique way to get your group the training it needs, and still be entertaining?  That is what The Peacemaker Program's Challenge Programs provide.  Our Challenge Programs use an Experiential Learning model to teach over 25 different subjects centered on Conflict Resolution and Team Building.  The activities designed into your program use a combination of mental and physical challenges to illustrate concepts.

Ask Yourself This Question: Does your business or organization have a Strategic Plan?

If not, you need one! An organization without a plan is adrift, in danger of losing sight of their mission and their vision.

If you do have done one, but it has gone out of date (or maybe it was completed but never seen again), you need a new one.

Contact us NOW! And find out how we can help facilitate your strategic planning session to create success within your business, school, or nonprofit!

Unresolved conflict in a workplace can cost a company or business thousands of dollars in unbudgeted expenses, loss of productivity, and loss of employees. Conflict in a classroom can have a detrimental effect on the learning environment and lead to excess absenteeism, violence, and reduced test scores. 

Our Peer Mediation Programs teach key management, employees, staff, and students to be Mediators using a variety of Mediation Styles.  This approach allows you to use the best resources you already have: the people who know your organization best. 

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